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Please contact Kris Pilgrim immediately if you are planning to attend the WKC Rocky Mountain Regional on Saturday, April 25th in Colorado. 303-669-7398.

World Karate and Kickboxing World Championships

WKC America

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Letʼs be honest. The term “World Champion” is over used in sport martial arts circles. I guess that you can say that we now have various levels of world championships. There are those that are city and state based; those that are regional featuring North and South American countries; and those that require a passport, feature country vs country competition, allow the athlete to enjoy a podium experience, and play the championʼs national anthem.

It is the latter category that the fledging World Karate and Kickboxing Commission and its member countries fall. With the WKC USA each year the number of competitors and states that we have had participate has grown. Along with this growth has come a definite annual increase in talent as is represented by the number of divisions Americans have entered as well as our medal count.

It is said in the book, Controversy creates Cash, that an entity can be less than, the same as, or different than. In America we have a plethora of circuits where awesome competitors demonstrate their talents. However most are different than the WKC and are not our rivals. Instead we see the WKC as the home of those that want to compete for national championships that open the door to true international competition......and World Titles.

Most athletes will tell you that the epitome of the competitive experience is to represent your country. It is a memory that stays with you all of your life. The chills one receives from the opening ceremonyʼs parade of countries; having legions of your country men cheering screaming “USA” as you compete; the tears that are shed on the medal stand; and the number of friends one makes from all across the world; The WKC experience is one that stands alone. Join the movement!

Richard Plowden
WKC America President

WKC World Championship competitors

2015 WKC Events

WKC Rocky Mountain Qualifier
April 25, 2015
Ralston Valley High School
13355 W. 80th Ave
Arvada, CO 80005
Kris Pilgrim (720) 441-3656